Biggest Regrets

A couple of months ago my wife and I were reminiscing about our wedding day. She brought up a few things that she regretted and would have done differently. I thought this would be an interesting topic to research. Weddings are tough to prepare for and the actual day is very fast paced and hectic eventually, things start to go south. I decided to reach out to brides on various social media platforms. We received great responses from over 30 couples that wanted to share things that would have done differently that day. 

“We got married 14 years ago. My regret is not hiring a videographer to capture our day. I thought photos would be enough but I wish we could sit down with our kids to watch our day and to see how young and in love my husband and I were once upon a time”

“I wish I kept the guest list down to a bare minimum, our wedding did not feel intimate and half of the guests that came were not even people we talked to on a regular basis”

“We decided to hold off on our honeymoon till later in the year to get a better price on our flights. 7 years later we still have not gone”

“We decided to not follow the shot list suggested by our photographer and we completely forgot to take photos with important members of our family”

“DIY sounds like a great idea if you want to save money, but the amount of work that goes into doing certain things doesn’t really pay off”

“I decided to ignore my gut feeling when we met our florist for the first time. She was a no-show on our wedding day. My parents had to run out to nearby stores to try to get as many flowers as they could”

“We were talked into hiring our family friend to take pictures of our wedding. It became very awkward when she gave us the photos and they were not that good. Luckily everyone was talking pictures with their smartphones so we at least have some nice moments to look back at”

“I didn’t buy a comfortable dress and shoes. By the end of the night I was in so much pain I had to walk barefoot. I also wish I bought a second dress that was not as heavy to wear after our ceremony”

“My husband found a great photographer that we thought we were going to use, In the end, we thought we could save a little bit of money and decided to hire someone that was entirely new to photography. Our hint should have been that the photographer only had 1 couple in his portfolio and a bunch of pictures of flowers and birds. The price difference between the two photographers was not even that big, but now for the next 50 years we will look at our photos with regret”

“We hired our photographer with the understanding that she was a candid style photographer. She was in our faces the whole day. My husband has social anxiety and felt awkward the entire day. Every time we look at the photos we remember the awkward feeling”

“Our venue didn’t offer a complimentary sample meal and we didn’t want to pay extra. Turns out we paid a lot of money for mediocre food”