Should you tip your vendors?

 The question I see pop up a lot recently is “should I tip my vendors at the end of the night?” That is a good question, tipping can be awkward and sometimes people feel pressure to tip even if they are not that happy with the service provided for them. Personally when I think about who to tip I think of going to a restaurant for dinner. If the food was good and the service was amazing then you probably want to leave a nice tip for the servers and cooks. On the other hand, when you get delivery service and decide to tip you are now playing Russian roulette. You sit down and open up all your food and realise they messed up your order or the food just doesn’t taste that good. When it comes to your wedding day you get a chance to see some of your vendors work right there and then. If you really like the work your florist did with the flowers and decorations or how energetic your DJ was and his ability to move the crowd, then you may want to tip. Did the limo driver show up on time and provide a smooth ride for you from your different venues?

I always say if you can physically see, touch, taste the service provided and you like the work that was done then you should tip. I know I will get a lot of hate from other photographers and videographers in the industry but it has to be said. I don’t think you should even consider tipping them until you have seen their final product. I have heard horror stories of clients not being able to reach a photographer or videographer for months after their wedding, wondering if they will even get their finished products. That doesn’t sound like a service I would like to tip for. After you have seen your photos and you like them then you should think about tipping.

Keep in mind that a tip doesn’t even have to be in the form of cash. The greatest gift you can give a vendor is an online review of their business.